The Hamas movement which rules in Gaza presented on Thursday a video documentary, in which alleged collaborators with Israel confess to having aided the killings of senior Hamas and Fatah members.

AFP reported that the 20-minute film was broadcast on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa television station. It was also shown on the website of the interior ministry of Hamas, which produced the program, the report noted.

The alleged collaborators are shown in the dark, speaking anonymously.

Jailed in Gaza, they are accused of “contacts with the Israeli security services” and “disclosure of information to Israeli intelligence officers,” who contributed to the killing of leading figures of the Hamas and Fatah movements.

AFP quoted Hamas’ interior ministry as having said in a statement that “the secret war is raging between police of the internal security (Hamas) and the agents of the Shin Bet,” the Israeli Security Agency.

The report noted that in recent months Hamas has arrested several alleged collaborators and warned it would pursue any "traitor" working for Israel, with those caught liable to capital punishment.

In April, Hamas executed one such “collaborator” with Israel. The terror group denounced him as a “traitor.”  In April of 2010, the group executed two men for "collaborating" with Israel, the first formal execution carried out since the Islamist group seized control over Gaza in 2007. In December of that year, a Hamas military court similarly convicted three men of the same charges.

During Operation Cast Lead, at least eight people were murdered for providing Israel with information on local terrorist groups.

Since Hamas took control of Gaza, at least 11 prisoners have been executed and more than 30 death sentences have been handed down by the courts.