Road to Eilat
Road to Eilat Flash 90

Just ten days after Highway 12 near Eilat was reopened to evening and nighttime traffic, the IDF closed it once again on Wednesday for security reasons.

The road was initially closed for traffic ten months ago, after the combined terrorist attacks that killed eight Israelis near the border with Egypt. In March, the road was reopened to daytime traffic.

Wednesday’s decision was made following a security assessment in which it was decided to increase security in the region. Until it is decided by what means to secure the road, it will remain closed.

Moshe Yosef, a 42-year-old resident of Eilat who volunteers with the local police, told Arutz Sheva on Wednesday that local residents feel very unpleasant and unsecure.

“The terrorists are handling our lives,” he said, adding, “The IDF must take action and constantly patrol the road.”

Yosef added that anyone traveling on Highway 12 constantly looks around, due to a fear of an attack. “There is no security on this road. I personally do not travel on this road,” he said.

He noted that today, more than ever, Eilat residents fear infiltrations by terrorists.

“Sudanese infiltrators come here freely, so who knows if there any agents of Al Qaeda among them,” said Yosef. “In the meantime we try to continue with our regular routine because there is no choice, but it’s not safe here. I live right at the edge of the city of Eilat and I feel uncomfortable. I sleep with a gun.”

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