Queen Elizabeth waves to onlookers during th
Queen Elizabeth waves to onlookers during th Reuters

British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks sent a special “mazel tov” prayer to Queen Elizabeth, commemorating her 60th year as Her Majesty.

The Chief Rabbi’s special prayer that he composed was read this past Sabbath in the country’s synagogues. The rabbi, whose thoughts on Parshat HaShavua are sent to Arutz Sheva and posted  every week, also praised the Queen in a special Jubilee celebration House of Lords debate, citing “the gracious way [in which Her Majesty] has guided and sustained this nation through one of its most challenging transitions, into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-faith society.”

The Queen has traveled around the world and has met people from many faiths, but never has visited Israel although her husband Prince Philip has done so. 

A huge influx of Muslims into the country has drastically changed Britain’s demographics, and Chief Rabbi Sacks praised the Queen “for the way she has promoted good relations between Christians and Jews, and between members of all faiths; and for the example she has set us all of the life of duty, conscientiously exercised yet lightly worn. Her spirit has helped make Britain the tolerant country it remains, and we are privileged to have been blessed by all she does and is. In that spirit we offer this prayer:”

He wrote in the special prayer that British Jews come to HaShem “in prayer and gratitude for the gracious goodness You have bestowed upon our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth."

“Her crown is honor and majesty; her scepter, law and morality, equality and freedom. Her concern has been for welfare, freedom and unity, and in the lands of her dominion she has sustained justice and liberty for all races, tongues and creeds…

“Together with all our fellow citizens, we fervently pray that she be granted many more years of blessing so that she may continue to bring honor and glory to the Crown and to all her people.

“Heavenly Father, continue to bestow Your blessings on Her Majesty the Queen, on Prince Philip, the Prince of Wales and all the Royal family and prolong their years in health and strength. Grant wisdom and understanding to the leaders and counselors of the realm so that they and we may walk together in the paths of unity, freedom and brotherhood…

“In this year of joyful remembrance and celebration, we express our deepest sentiments of loyalty, esteem and gratitude. We pray for the peace and prosperity of Britain, for the well being of the House of Israel, and for the redemption of all mankind under the sovereignty of G-d.

“May this, our prayer, be Your will, speedily in our days. Amen.”

Chief Rabbi Sacks  also lauded the Queen in the London Times for working “in fostering a society in which people of all faiths feel comfortable and welcome.”

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