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crop in field Reuters

The Israeli Civil Administration organized a three-day seminar, free of charge, for officials of the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Agriculture at the Seasons Hotel in Netanya, Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) reported.

The seminar, which took place from May 21 to 23, included lectures by Israeli experts, professors and officials from the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture,  focused on various agricultural technologies and methods of plant protection.

“This workshop is intended to provide information about technologies that we use in Israel to protect and improve crops in open-fields and green houses,” said Ayman Assad of the Agriculture Department of the Civil Administration.

“Through these workshops we are improving the relationship, cooperation and communication with the Palestinian Authority,” he added.

The Agricultural Department of the Civil Administration works with Arab farmers in the fields to gather information regarding problems affecting their trade. Based on the information produced, the Ministry of Agriculture organizes seminars, lectures and training in Israel to increase the quality and output of their crops, explained ministry official Shlomo Ekaïam.

“Palestinians and Israeli consumers eat fruit and vegetables coming from Israel and the West Bank, so we collectively strive for the best agricultural standards,” he stated.

“I came here many times, maybe eight or ten times. It is important for our team to come because 16 of us are young engineers who need experience and more field-training,” said Mohammed Saïd Lahan, Director of the Flower and Vegetable Protection and Preservation Department of the Palestinian Authority.

On Wednesday, the Palestinian delegation was taken to Beit Shean for training in open-fields.

Najud, 23, an agricultural engineer from Jericho reflected on the opportunity saying, “I’m happy to learn here, the lectures are very intense and I wish we had more time to visit!” 

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