Fill'er up with falafel oil?
Fill'er up with falafel oil? srael news photo: Flash 90

Running cars with gas made from falafel oil is one of several Israeli inventions waiting  for investors at Israel’s first-ever patent exhibition in September.

Another invention to be presented at the exhibition will be an innovative water saving tap that can save up to 80 percent of water consumption, covering its purchase price within a month.

The “falafel fuel” bio-diesel idea is being promoted by Israeli scientists Dr. Sobhi Basheer and Dr. Ahmed Tafesh of TransBiodiesel, who have developed a new process to turn fast-food oil into diesel fuel.

TransBiodiesel  manufactures its biodiesel at a small plant in Israel but is looking for investors to help it expand in the international market.

The first-ever patents exhibition in Israel at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds in September may help. The Israeli Patents Exhibition, sponsored by Nufar Ltd., will allow direct contact between inventors and investors from Israel and abroad.  

“Realizing patents and exploiting them will help to develop Israeli industry and promote Israeli exports”, said Israel Solodoch, the Managing Director of Nufar Natural Products Ltd., one of the initiators of this exhibition.

In addition to the investors and venture capital companies, startup companies are also being invited to attend.

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