Hizbullah Israel news photo: Flash 90

In March, House Homeland Security Committee chief Peter King voiced the belief that there may be hundreds, if not thousands, of Hizbullah operatives inside the United States, capable of launching a major attack on US soil.

Now, warnings from lawmakers on Capitol Hill suggest that Iran and its terror proxy, Hizbullah, may have the ability of staging an attack on New York City comparable to the terror that was unleashed on the World Trade Centers on 9/11.

According to one NYPD official, there have been at least five other instances of what he called "hostile reconnaissance" against New York City by Iranian agents.

"They see that attacking New York or threatening the facilities in New York will destabilize the financial markets and automatically harm the U.S. economy," former CIA agent Reza Kahlili told CBN News.

"Many cells are present here. And they have their eyes set on our power plants, water supply, food distribution, bridges, tunnels -- anything that could create fear and also disrupt the daily life of Americans," he warned.

A Iranian naval commander said that if there is an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, agents in the US would be capable of moving within three miles of New York City to retaliate.

"They believe that an attack on Syria or Iran would be sufficient to trigger a response, which would be terrorist attacks on the world stage against U.S. and Israeli interests, an attack on Israel and attacks on U.S. soil," Kahlili said.

Iran shocked many analysts with last year's plot to attack foreign diplomats in Washington, D.C. A nuclear-armed Iranian regime would likely become even bolder.

"You can tell that Iran gets more aggressive the closer they get toward a nuclear weapon," Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst for RadicalIslam.org told CBN News.

"Rather than international pressure making them restrain themselves, it's actually making them act more and more aggressively," he said.

According to reports, Iran and Hizbullah already have an extensive network in Latin America, which they could use to strike at the United States. Furthermore, Kahlili claims that Iranian agents also have a presence in a number of American mosques, standing guard, waiting for the appropriate time to stage an attack.