Syrian-Palestinian tensions at the Arab League summit may prevent a planned meeting between Syrian President Assad and Yasser Arafat this evening. Syria demands that the Palestinians coordinate their negotiating strategy with the Lebanese and the Syrians, but Arafat so far refuses to do so. Another matter of tension at the summit involves the international sanctions on Iraq. Intense negotiations continue regarding whether the Arab League will call merely for the lifting of the sanctions, in keeping with the position of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, or will take a stance in favor of defying the UN sanctions, as Iraq demands.

Both Arafat and Assad addressed the conference today, competing as to who could speak most harshly against Israel. Assad told the Arab leaders that Israel is more racist than the Nazis, adding, \"Israel\'s extremism and racism are the most constant things in the Middle East.\" Arafat told the international conference that Israel is bombing the Palestinians with uranium bombs. He also said that the Palestinian nation \"is against terrorism.\"