Jerusalem home
Jerusalem home Aryeh King

Two buildings in eastern Jerusalem that were purchased by Jews have been cleared of Arab squatters. The squatters had taken over and refused to leave despite a court order.

The buildings are now free to become a vital part of a new Jewish neighborhood to be known as Nof Shmuel, said Jerusalem activist Aryeh King. He expressed hope that apartments in the area will be made available to “idealistic couples” within the year, and said they will cost under one million shekels – a more than reasonable price for homes in Jerusalem.

Jews own the buildings according to all legal opinions, he added. “The land was purchased from Arabs by legal means,” King said, “and was registered under the name of the Jewish owners.”

A court had ruled that the Arab family living in the buildings had no right to the property, he continued. Despite the verdict, the Jewish owners offered the Arabs hundreds of thousands of shekels to leave, “going beyond the letter of the law,” King said. The Arabs refused the offer.

Similar evictions are expected to be carried out soon in the area, as well as in Nachalat Shimon, King said.

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