Cottage cheese
Cottage cheese Israel news photo: Flash 90

Workers at the Tnuva dairy company announced, Thursday, that they would temporarily halt sanctions. The freeze will allow Tnuva to get its products to stores in time for Passover.

Workers had stopped delivering cottage cheese and chocolate milk, leading to a shortage in many supermarkets.

Union representatives said Thursday that they are aiming for a solution that will be fair for the Tnuva company and for customers as well as for themselves. They called on Tnuva to do the same. “The company and shareholders must seek the good of the customer and of the worker equally with the drive for profit,” they said.

The union is demanding a 5% salary increase, an increase in pension benefits, and better terms for workers who have been with the company for seven or more years. They also hope to prevent Tnuva from firing between 220 and 300 workers accused of failing to meet production goals.

Representatives expressed hope that the renewed supply of popular dairy products would help Israelis fulfill the mitzvah (positive commandment) of “v’samachta b’chagecha,” rejoicing in the holidays.