The sons of George Sa'ado, a Bezeq phone company employee who was murdered last week in Ramle, a city midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, are not buying the police's definition of the crime as non-nationalist.

Their father was murdered by Arabs because he was a Jew, they told Arutz Sheva.

The claim by police and the mayor of Ramleh, that the murder was an ordinary criminal event, like any gang fight or drug related incident, causes them great pain.

"The neighbor saw him and asked 'what happened, George?', Noi told Arutz Sheva. "He said 'I've been shot.' [The neighbor] asked: 'Who shot you? You're such a good person, who  could do that?' He said: 'They said it was because of the situation in Gaza and shot me.'"

"The state has an interest in saying it was criminally motivated so they do not have to spend money on compensating terror victims," explained Naor. "Mayor Yoel Lavi also wants to keep it criminal so people do not say that there is terror here. Everyone has an interest. But the truth is my father's last words."

Noi noted: "A man will not walk 500 meters after he's been shot and think of what he is going to say when he sees people. It is the truth that came out."

The suspected shooters are youths from the Arab Jarushi crime clan that resides in Ramle.

Arutz Sheva has noted that police seem to be consistently attempting to portray terror attacks as ordinary criminal events or even accidents.

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