Yaakov Amidror
Yaakov Amidror Israel news photo: Flash 90

Israel's National Security Advisor Yaakov Amidror on Monday met India's home minister P. Chidambaram to discuss the bombing of an Israeli diplomat's car.

Amidror's visit comes close on the heels of the arrest of a journalist connected with the February 13 attack in which Tal Yehoshua-Koren was seriously injured.

Last Wednesday, a Delhi magistrate remanded Syed Mohammad Ahmed Kazmi, 50, for twenty days of interrogation by police who said they were exploring Kazmi's "foreign contacts."

Kazmi is said to have written for an Iranian news agency and to have been in contact with the suspected bombers prior to the attack.

Police, who raided Kazmi's home and seized his car, computers, and papers say he had reconnoitered the Israeli embassy and kept notes on the comings and goings of diplomats there.

It has been widely reported in India's press that police hope Kazmi will lead them to the bike-borne terrorists who planted the bomb.

During the 50-minute meeting, Amidror and Chidambaram are believed to have deliberated various aspects of the case and other issues of mutual national concern.

Both Amidror and Chidambaram refused to comment on what transpired at the meeting.

Israeli officials have directly accused Iran of being behind the Delhi bombing. However, police and government officials in India – which has some USD 12 billion in annual trade with Iran on the line – have refused to publicly comment on Iran's possible involvement.

Shortly after the attack, the Times of India quoted sources close to investigators as saying they believe Iran had carried out the 13 February attack by proxy. Indian officials have also said there will be "consequences" if Iran is implicated in the attack.

With divergent national interests on the line, it remains unclear how much information Chidambaram shared with Amirdror during their meeting.