Migron Flash 90

Residents of Migron have reached agreement with the government about relocation, Channel 2 television reported Thursday. Residents confirmed to Arutz Sheva that the agreement is "more or less a done deal."

According to the report, the residents' legal representative, Attorney Yaakov Weinrot, informed the State Attorney's Office that the residents accept the conditions presented by Minister Benny Begin.

The government had already reached a deal with the residents but it was struck down by the State Attorney's Office, prompting anger among the pioneers.

The agreement calls for the community to be relocated to its permanent location, near the Psagot Winery, in two years' time. The present site will be handed over to the Civil Administration. The existing structures at the site will be torn down but a "public site" may be established at the location instead of a residential community.

In any case, the location of the present Migron will remain Jewish and will not be handed over to Arab control.

Planning for the new site will be completed in a year's time so that developers can begin constructing the permanent homes.

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