Palestinian protest
Palestinian protest Reuters

“Israel Apartheid Week,” which officially began in Europe on February 20, was met with vehement protests at the London School of Economics, (LSE) on Monday.

The university’s Arab protesters created a mock checkpoint outside a campus building, stopping and harassing Jewish students while asking them for identification. They also simulated a fictional scenario, in which mock Israel soldiers drag Palestinian Arab women kicking and screaming along the floor, the LSE Israel society reported.

Members of the Students' Union Jewish Society then threw water balloons at the Arab protesters, who reacted with further aggression, which resulted in at least one Jewish student being injured.

University security had to intervene in order to separate the protesters.

"The Union of Jewish Students has consistently opposed these fake security checkpoints as being intimidating against Jewish students. These stunts reduce what is a serious and complex situation between Israelis and Palestinians into theatrical provocations that can only ever prove divisive here on British campuses," a Union of Jewish Students’ spokeswoman told the Jewish Chronicle.

The LSE student union issued a statement supporting students’ rights to engage in peaceful protests, but condemned the violence. The union said that, together with the university, it would investigate the situation.  

“The LSESU Palestine Society’s interpretation of an Israel checkpoint… was intimidating for Jewish students as they held [mock] guns, called Jewish students ‘Israelis’ as they walked through… Proactive acts instigated by the Palestine Society today only serve to fuel tensions on campus. Dragging women kicking and screaming along the floor, as the Palestine Society simulated, is not an accurate description of reality; rather it is a disgusting simplification of a complex situation for both sides,“ the LSE Israel society stated. 

The Arab mock check post bears no resemblance to Israeli checkpoints, where Arabs do have to identify themselves and allow their cars to be searched, but where no violence or manhandling occurs unless started by the Arabs.

The staged scenarios ignore the fact that terrorists continue to attempt to get past the checkpoints to harm innocent civilians in Israeli urban centers, forget to mention the 1300 Israelis killed by such terrorists in the Second Intifada (Oslo War) of 2000-2006, as well as the fact that Israelis - and travelers in airports the world over - wait interminably in the same lines because of the fear of terrorists.