Students from the prestige London School of Economics recently assaulted a Jew who objected to a Nazi ‘Ring of Fire’ card game. The same university last year accepted a huge donation from a foundation headed by Saif al-Islam al Qaddafi, a son of the former Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi.

Nazi parties are not rare in Britain. A rising star in British politics, Member of Parliament Aidan Burley, was booted from a senior post in the government after being photographed next to a bachelor dressed in a Nazi uniform at a stag party in the French Alps.

Following the disclosure of the latest Nazi drinking party staged last month by vacationing students on a ski party, also at an Alpine resort, the London School of Economics said it was “prepared” to take disciplinary action against the offenders, who broke the nose of a fellow Jewish student.

He said he could not stand silent during a game in which cards were laid out to form a swastika. Participants in the game then had to “salute the Fuhrer.”

A spokesman foe the university limited its reaction to stating, "These are disturbing allegations relating to events which took place on a foreign trip organized by the Students Union. Both the SU (Students' Union) and LSE are investigating these events and are prepared to take disciplinary action if the allegations are shown to be true."  

The London Guardian reported that 12,000 Facebook friends followed the game on the social network site.

“I am sad the nerdy Jew lost the fight with the fake Nazi, but successful Jewish violence usually creates nastier headlines than more usual Jewish passivity,” the Guardian’s Tanya Gold wrote.

“We sniff the air and feel a change because anti-Semitic discourse is more acceptable now than at any time since the 1930s,” she continued. "It is a sickness that emerges from generation to generation….Anti-Semitic discourse is now mainstream and to say it all comes from the crimes of the Jewish state feels disingenuous and a denial of the past."

“The incidents mount up – the heckling of an Israeli orchestra, the graffiti on university walls, the demand that Jews denounce Israel if they wish to be accepted in polite society, the plays and TV films written without context, the violence against Orthodox Jews (visible Jews), the sale of anti-Semitic toys in Poland, the terrible fact that 12,000 Facebook users think to mock the Holocaust, not lament it.”