MK Katz
MK Katz Israel news photo: Flash 90

National Union Chairman MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh) said Sunday that the Israel Security Service (Shin Bet), the police, President Shimon Peres, former minister Aryeh Deri "and other radical left wingers" must apologize for blaming the arson at a northern mosque on Jewish "Price Tag" operations.

MK Katz referred to a television interview with a resident of Tuba Zangariya aired Saturday night as confirming that the arson was committed by local residents, not Jews.

"As I said insistently all along," he said, "all 20 arson attacks in the last three years were carried out by Arabs whose sole purpose is to create strife and disturbances between Jews and Arabs and incite against the Jewish people, in order to besmirch it and befoul the Jews' image in the eyes of the nations of the world."

Ketzaleh noted that not even one Jew has been found guilty of setting fire to any of the mosques. He went further, noting that "For 2,000 years Jews were blamed, every Pesach eve, with murdering Christian children who were found dead and millions of Jews were massacred because of this over the generations. But we now know for certain that no Jew ever murdered a Christian child to make matzot of his blood for Pesach."

"All of these must pay the legal price for being, in essence, accomplices to the blood libels against the state of Israel and the entire Jewish people, and they must bear responsibility for the fact that many Jews were taken from their families and arrested for many weeks on false charges."

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