Abbas and Netanyahu
Abbas and Netanyahu Israel news photo: Flash 90

English-speaking immigrants in Israel see the danger of concessions to the Palestinian Authority better than native Israelis, says a Likud activist from the United States.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva on the “Likud Anglos’” upcoming meeting with Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Likud Anglo director Daniel Tauber said, “English-speaking olim have an outside perspective." He explained, "They can clearly see the dangers of a concession-oriented policies, which others may rationalize away.”

Tauber said that Likud Anglos favor strong national security and that he thinks Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s agreement to recognize a Palestinian Authority state is more theoretical than practical given PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ demands.

Ya’alon, a former IDF Chief of Staff, joined the Likud party shortly after his retirement from the military and now is Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Strategic Affairs. He will be speaking to Likud Anglos on Sunday evening at the Orthodox Union’s Israel Center in Jerusalem at a Chanukah event honoring the “Modern Maccabees,” lone soldiers who have made aliyah (immigration to Israel) to fight in the IDF.

Tauber, a lawyer from New York who moved to Israel two years ago, said that nearly 1,500 English speaking immigrants participate in the organization’s events, which have included an appearance at Migron, the community in Samaria that is under threat of expulsion and destruction.

Most of the group’s members live in Jerusalem and surrounding areas, but there also are chapters elsewhere. Next month, Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon is scheduled to speak in Ra'anana.