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Egypt is becoming the new Iran, “whether you accept it or not,” says a general in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

As the radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood movement waits for an expected victory in the long and drawn-out legislative electins in Egypt, Iran is looking forward to Egypt being its next cog in the Islamic Empire that it hopes for and wants to head.

"A number of major (new) Irans have been born in the region today. Egypt is a (new) Iran, whether you (the US-led West) accept it or not," reported the Iranian semi-official Fars News Agency, quoting Guards commander Major General Qassem Soleimani.

Speaking to a reported crowd of 50,000 Basij forces, he addressed the United States and added, "Know that today Libya, Yemen and Bahrain are also (new) Irans. [These] "great nations will stand together against the threat" of western powers, he said.

He also expressed his wish to die if enemies try to assassinate him, a suggestion posed by conservative experts testifying in the U.S. Congress. "To those who think threats will spread fear amongst us, I will say this: that I ask God to grant me martyrdom at the hands of the enemy," Soleimani said.

"I do not see (an assassination) as a threat but rather giving, helping along an old desire” for being martyred.

Retired U.S. Army general Jack Keane told the House of Representatives' Homeland Security Committee last month that Washington should start targeting Iranian officials, especially top commanders of the Revolutionary Guards Corps.

"I'm saying we put our hand around their throat right now in every interest they have," a  former CIA agent, now with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies think-tank, said, "I don't think that you are going to really intimidate these people, get their attention, unless you shoot somebody."