The Mobile 2012 conference, which took place in Tel Aviv on Thursday, featured some of the most interesting and unique Israeli-made apps for your mobile phone.

The conference was sponsored by the Calcalist business newspaper, the Israel Export Institute and KMPG – Somekh Chaikin.

Avi Chefetz, CEO of the Israeli Export Institute, described Israel as a “start-up nation,” like the name of the famous book authored by Dan Senor and Saul Singer which examines why Israel leads the world in innovation.

“Israel is the world’s leader in applications and networking,” Chefetz said. “Mobile is not just about voice, it’s also about content.”

The conference was held ahead of the Barcelona GSM conference which will be held at the end of the month of February. 64 Israeli companies are expected to take part in the Barcelona conference.

In the coming weeks, Arutz Sheva will present on its website some of the unique apps that were featured in the conference.