Arab woman (not connected to story)
Arab woman (not connected to story)Flash 90

An Arab woman from the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat was arrested Sunday morning when a long knife was found in her bag.

The knife was discovered in a routine check at the entrance to the Population and Immigration Authority office in eastern Jerusalem. 

The woman was unable to provide an explanation as to why she had a 28 centimeter (11 inch) long knife in her belongings, at the entrance to a government office. Police were called in and she was taken for questioning.

About two weeks ago, Haifa police arrested 10 Arab youths aged 14 to 17 near a high school in Haifa, after they received information about a planned brawl between youths from the Kababir and Halisa neighborhoods.

The youths were in possession of weapons including knives and truncheons when they were arrested.