Asher and Yonatan Palmer
Asher and Yonatan Palmer Palmer family

Despite the revelation Sunday that 24-year-old Asher Palmer and his infant son Yehonatan were murdered by terrorists and not killed in a car accident, their family has yet to receive the support normally given to those bereaved by terror. Relatives of the two victims told Maariv that the state has yet to make contact.

Normally, social welfare workers contact the relatives of those slain by terrorists and offer assistance with the funeral and the shiva, the traditional seven-day mourning period. Relatives are immediately given an aid package, and professionals form ties with the family to assist them in surviving their loss.

But in the case of the Palmers, the only official source who has been in contact is Hevron police commander Yitzik Rahamim, relatives reported. Young Puah Palmer, who lost her husband and son in a single moment, is being supported by family.

Family members noted that many people have chosen to help out of their own good will, including the Kiryat Arba religious council, which assisted in organizing the funeral, held Sunday in Hevron.

The hold-up in services is due to the lack of an official police report, according to the Maariv report. Services are usually provided to terror victims’ families after a police report on the incident is approved by the Defense Ministry and sent on to the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi).

Police have yet to submit an official report in the Palmer case, and say their investigation is not yet done.

Police spokesmen caused outrage when they initially placed the blame for the Palmers’ deaths on Asher Palmer, claiming he had been driving too quickly and had caused the crash. The statement Friday, the day of the attack, was followed by an admission Sunday that there were many signs pointing to terrorist involvement in the fatal crash – in particular, the presence of a rock-shaped hole in the windshield and a large, blood-stained rock in the front seat of the car.