An Egyptian soldier hit by IDF fire during the August 18 multi-prong terrorist attack near Eilat, along Israel's southern border, has died of his wounds.

Emad Abdel Malak, shot while driving the car carrying the other Egyptian soldiers, was hospitalized in a military medical facility in Egypt, according to a report published Saturday in the daily Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper.

The soldier's death raises the total number of Egyptian casualties in the cross-border raid to six.  Eight Israelis died in the attack, and at least forty others were wounded as well.

Egyptians have been protesting violently since the soldiers, whose task it was to guard the border and prevent such attacks, were killed during the gunfight between Israeli security forces and terrorists.

On Friday, protesters broke down a newly-built security wall around the building that houses the Israeli embassy in Cairo. Some of the protesters climbed the building and broke into the embassy itself, hurling thousands of Hebrew-language documents from the windows into the street.

The Israeli ambassador and his family left Egypt, but Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told reporters in Jerusalem Saturday night the diplomat would return.

More than a thousand protesters were injured and three were killed in clashes with police that began earlier in the evening, with a demonstration demanding faster reforms, that took place at Tahrir Square.

Protests at the Israeli embassy resumed Saturday afternoon, but demonstrators did not succeed in renewed attempts in breaking into the building.

The August 18 cross-border attack in which the Egyptian soldiers lost their lives was carried out by a cell of more than 20 members of the Gaza-based Popular Resistance Committees (PRC). The group is one of the three Hamas-linked groups that kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, who is still missing.

Both Israeli and Egyptian investigators also later discovered that three of the terrorists were Egyptian nationals.