India Israel News photo: Flash 90

At least 10 people were killed and 60 others wounded in a terrorist attack at 10:15 a.m. local time Wednesday outside the Delhi High Court in India when a bomb inside a briefcase exploded in front of Gate No. 5, according to India's home minister. The gate is used by litigants and lawyers, many of whom were standing in line waiting to enter the court house.

Israeli Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov was meeting at the time with Israeli Ambassador to India Alon Ushpiz in a hotel just eight kilometers (less than five miles) away from the site.

The Israeli Embassy in India reports it has no knowledge of any Israelis killed or wounded in the explosion.

This was the second such attack outside the court house. However, more recently, a deadly series of bombing attacks rocked three Mumbai neighborhoods this summer. Twenty people were killed in the July 13 attacks, but as yet there have been no arrests.

On May 25, a similar blast outside the Delhi High Court involved a car bomb that exploded outside Gate No. 7, according to I  No one was injured in that attack.

The country's National Investigation Agency, appointed after the massive multi-site Mumbai attack in November 2008, has launched a probe into today's bombing.

“Whatever we could gather from the blast investigations is that it is an IED (improvised explosive device) with ammonium nitrate,” National Security Guard Director Gen. Rajen Medhekar told journalists.

No group has yet taken responsibility for the attack.