Ibrahim Sarsour
Ibrahim SarsourFlash 90

MK Ibrahim Sarsour, the head of the Ra'am Ta'al Arab party, urged Arab and Muslim leaders to wage war on Israel in a letter Monday. He cited Christian Zionists as one of the elements conspiring to 'Judaize' Jerusalem.

The letter was written to the Secretary General of the Arab League and to the Secretary General of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation on the 42nd anniversary of "the crime of the burning of Al Aqsa mosque." This refers to the attempt in 1969 by deranged non-Jewish Australian Dennis Michael Rohan to burn down the mosque.

Sarsour wrote that "The greatest danger to Al Quds [Jerusalem – Ed.] is and will remain the Israeli occupation, and there is no security to the Islamic and Arab character of Al Quds other than its liberation from the grip of the occupation and its return as a sister to holy Mecca and Medina."

Israel seeks "to Judaize the Holy Basin" and this effort receives unlimited aid from "the government of Israel, world Jewry and Christian Zionism," he added.

In a call for direct action to "liberate" Jerusalem, Sarsour used Arabic-Muslim shorthand that carries clear meanings for Arabic speakers. "Just as Al Quds issued a call to arms to its Ummah [Islamic nation] in the past, and the Ummah rose up in a permanent jihad until it liberated it [Jerusalem], so today it [Jerusalem] calls up that same Ummah. Will there be found in it those who were found in the past [and waged jihad]? In the matter of the responsibility [to liberate Al Quds] none of the Islamic Arab leaders shall escape this question, both in terms of history and in the afterworld. You must make [military] preparations for this answer."

Rants by Arab MKs regarding "the Judaization of Jerusalem" are common but Sarsour's mention of Zionist Christians is a deviation from the regular formulas and could be a reaction to events being organized by Glenn Beck.