A US federal judge ordered the detention of an Australian man accused of attaching a fake bomb to a teenager's neck in an extortion ploy until October.
Judge David Whalin on Tuesday ordered 50-year-old Paul "Doug" Peters detained pending an extradition hearing set for Oct. 14 in Louisville.
Peters was arrested Monday by the FBI at the home of his ex-wife in a Louisville suburb.
Peters, shackled at the ankles and wrists, made a brief appearance in the courtroom with his lawyer, Scott Cox. His ex-wife, Debra Peters, sat alone in the front row, weeping quietly.
Paul Peters showed no emotion and spoke quietly to his attorney. He glanced briefly at his ex-wife.
Earlier in the day, an FBI SWAT team descended on a quiet Louisville suburb to arrest the suspect.
Peters faces charges in Australia that include kidnapping and breaking and entering, said Luke Moore of the New South Wales Police.
The extradition process would take about two months, authorities said.
His capture comes nearly two weeks after 18-year-old Madeleine Pulver was attacked in the wealthy Sydney suburb of Mosman. Pulver was alone studying for exams when a masked man broke into the house in the middle of the day, chained a device that looked like a bomb to her and left a note with demands before leaving.
Bomb technicians, negotiators and detectives rushed to the scene. Neighboring homes were evacuated, streets were closed and medical and fire crews waited nearby. Pulver spent 10 terrifying hours chained to the device before the bomb squad was able to free her. She was not hurt, and the device was later found to contain no explosives.
Australia's prime minister said the event resembled "a Hollywood script".
Police say a note had been attached to the device, but they haven't released details of what it said.
"There was a range of pieces of evidence that led us to identify this suspect," a spokesman at the FBI offices in Louisville told reporters.
Peters is an Australian citizen but has lived in the U.S., including Kentucky. He's a father of three who was educated at The Scots College in Sydney.
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