Leiby Kletzky z"l
Leiby Kletzky z"l Family Photo

Levi Aron, the suspected killer of eight-year-old Leiby Kletzky, was indicted by a grand jury Wednesday on murder and kidnapping charges, The Associated Press reported. According to the report, the indictment includes a total of eight counts.

Prosecutors allege Aron lured Leiby to his home after the little boy got lost while walking home from a day camp and asked him for help.

Police detectives later found the boy’s severed body parts in Aron’s freezer. The rest of the body was discovered in bags inside a red suitcase in a trash bin.

Earlier on Wednesday, the medical examiner said that Leiby was given a cocktail of painkillers and muscle relaxants before he was smothered.

Aron, 35, confessed to the crime, telling police investigators he killed Leiby in a panic when he realized a massive search for the lost child was underway. He later pleaded not guilty and his lawyers appeared to be preparing an insanity plea on Monday. The lawyers reportedly said Aron is “abnormal” and can’t stop hearing sinister voices.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes has vowed to pursue “swift justice” for Aron, saying on Tuesday that he would stop at nothing to ensure that the suspected murderer would be convicted in Leiby’s death, dismissing suggestions that an insanity defense might carry some weight.

Hynes told The Associated Press on Wednesday that police were still investigating whether there were any other incidents in Aron’s past.