TV and radio personality Glenn Beck visited Sderot Tuesday, which his website described as “a hell for children.” The town has been fortified to protect residents as much as possible from rocket attacks from Gaza, which are aimed at hurting civilians. 

A local basketball court has a bomb shelter in each corner “because you only have 15 seconds to get into a bomb shelter,” Beck told viewers of his show.. When they see… a Kassam missile go off you only have 15 seconds for survival. So nobody can be any farther away than 15 seconds,” Glenn said. “What look like bus stops are not bus stops… It’s crazy.”
 “The school is a bunker. The school is completely bomb proof… You can hit it with a five — what five kilogram bomb or something. A rocket can hit the windows and not go through it. And the alarms, the sirens go off. Sometimes during a school — average school day, average is about two times a day and as many as 50 times a day.”
“Now, you want to talk about courage. People said to me originally: Why are you doing Restoring Courage, what are you planning on restoring to the Israelis, I don’t plan on restoring anything to the Israelis, they get it,” Beck said.
“Enough is enough,” he continued. “If somebody was launching missiles into our country, we wouldn’t be silent. Enough is enough.”
Beck visited the Etzion Bloc Wednesday and told Israelis to be more proud of themselves.