US-flagged ship stopped by Greece
US-flagged ship stopped by Greece Israel news photo: Audacity of Hope

The activists of Freedom Flotilla II appear to be slowly coming to the conclusion that the Big Event is over and are fading away towards home.

Many of the Americans who had boarded the Audacity of Hope in New York have already left Greece, where the vessel was detained after attempting an unauthorized run to Gaza.

Likewise some Canadians from ship Tahrir, named for the Cairo square where the Arab Spring uprising ended the 31-year regime of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Norwegian activists are planning to hold a news conference Friday morning to announce their decision to return home.

Only four Swedes remained in Greece, where nearly all the would-be flotilla ships are docked. They are holding out, hoping to pressure Athens into allowing their vessels to sail to Gaza.

Greece has made it impossible for ships that use its port to sail to the terrorist-run region, which would be a violation of Israeli law.

Most activists told reporters they were not unhappy with the turn of events, despite the fact that their flotilla has fizzled. Jewish Swedish flotilla spokesman Dan Israel said the group was happy with its contribution and that the important thing was that Israel had allowed their donated supplies to be passed along to Gaza.