Shai Nitzan
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The Yesha Human Rights Organization on Tuesday sent a letter to chief state prosecutor Shai Nitzan demanding he investigate leftwing journalist Yonatan Shem-or over statements he made on the Hebrew-language news website MySay. 

The Yesha Human Rights Organization said Shem-or's comments were nothing short of incitement to violence against rightwing Israelis.

In the letter, attorneys for the group said that Shem-or's article “fulfills the criteria to warrant a criminal investigation against the writer and against the website that published it.”

The attorneys, comparing the article and reactions to it on the website to another case Nitzan has been involved in, said that “the talkback commentaries on this article and the violence they advocate are no less of a concern than the approbations given by several rabbis to the Torat Hamelekh book.”

In the article, Shem-or wrote, among other things, that “soon, very soon, the anger (against the right) that fills our souls will seep into our veins, which will burst in fury. Soon, the silent majority will stop their own bleeding, and instead will spill (the right's) blood."

“This will not be a war between brothers; because they are not our brothers,” Shem-or continued. “Technically this war could be termed a civil war, since we all carry the same blue Israeli identity cards. But those whom we will go to war against are only citizens on the outside; they are the bloodsuckers of the nation, the eaters of its flesh."

"They, with their peyot (sidelocks) blowing in the breeze of the 'holy spirit.' They, with the brightness of their eyes, focused on their 'truth.' They, with their Yeshivot where bloodletting is taught where they are taught before entering the army that the order of the Rabbi is superior to the order of the commander. Soon we will silence them; soon they will drown in their own blood."

Nitzan's office has not yet commented, the attorneys said.