Police have arrested an Arab driver who ran over and killed a Jewish teenage in Samaria Saturday night. The death apparently was not intentional, but there are conflicting media versions whether the driver stopped his car to help the victim or whether he fled the scene and later was apprehended.

The victim was 14-yearold Maayan Ushpazi, who was killed as he and two friends ran across Highway 60 at the entrance to the community of Eli in northern Samaria.

The road is the main north-south thoroughfare connecting the Lower Galilee with Judea and Samaria and Be’er Sheva.

The twisty and hilly road is one of the most dangerous highways in the country, largely due to poor markings, poor lighting, Arab pedestrians who walk on the road at night while wearing dark clothing, and reckless driving.

Israeli police rarely patrol the highway, but authorities at checkpoints often catch Arab drivers with stolen vehicles, driving without vehicle registration and without licenses.

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