Bezeq communications station
Bezeq communications station Israel news photo: Flash 90

Sabotage by Bedouin “celebrating” Nakba Day on Sunday probably was behind the cutting of a Bezeq communications cable in the Negev, according to sources quoted by Globes.

“The incident caused damage at a specific point in Bezeq's network in the south,” the company stated. “The network was returned to full operation within minutes.” Technicians were able to restore service quickly by bypassing the break.

Bedouin are Israeli citizens but have increasingly become anti-Israel as their numbers grow dramatically, threatening to become a majority in southern Israel. They have increasingly become involved in terrorist attacks and in helping Hamas terrorists smuggle weapons from the Sinai Peninsula.

Outside of Be’er Sheva, where they also are encroaching, Bedouin tribes already represent a large majority and have taken over thousands of acres of government land. The government has been overwhelmed by “unrecognized villages,” meaning illegal buildings towns.

The judicial system periodically authorizes the demolition of a small number of illegally built shanties, but the police generally stay out of Bedouin villages out of fear of violent confrontations.

Their population has soared largely because of previous generous child supports and the government’s allowing the practice of polygamy, which is prohibited in Israel. Authorities have allowed exceptions for Bedouin based on “religious tradition” although Bedouin leaders have explicitly stated that their aim is nationalistic.