The Israel Land Fund organization presented on Tuesday, during the Jerusalem Conference, a video which the organization says proves that the Netanyahu government has already begun to divide Jerusalem.

“I came here on behalf of the Israel Land Fund in order to wake up the Jewish nation that loves Jerusalem and came to the Jerusalem Conference, and to make it well-known to the public that the Likud government, the present government of Israel, already divided Jerusalem,” said Israel Land Fund Chairman Aryeh King, during a conversation with Israel National News TV.

“We have eight neighborhoods in Jerusalem that Jews are not allowed to enter,” he explained. “There are areas where the Palestinian Authority policemen are present every day and nobody kicks them out. It means there are areas that if you as a Jew want to enter, you need to be escorted by the IDF.”

King noted that this “is illegal. It’s against the Jerusalem law and we came here to wake up the people who love Jerusalem and have them put some public pressure on the Likud party.”

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