Elyasaf Guri's right hand.
Elyasaf Guri's right hand. Arutz Sheva

Monday's evacuation and destruction of the Havat Gilad outpost in Samaria turned extremely violent. Israel National News TV visited the residents following the incident and heard their testimony about what had happened.

Elyasaf Guri, who was wounded at Havat Gilad, told Arutz Sheva from his hospital bed at Shaarei Tzedek hospital:

"[The police] walked in a straight row and simply started firing on us. We started running away and they continued."
"They shot at us though we had done nothing. They fired at close range. The policeman ran to me and fired a burst at me. In the hands, the legs, and the back. I was full of blood."
"They entered the synagogue in order to shoot. [The bullets] hit the floor. We couldn't move, everyone understood things had gotten out of control and then they threw a [stun] grenade at the synagogue. We felt helpless."
"I completed military service in Golani [Brigade], but in all three years of my service I never encountered things like this. I am still in shock at what happened, and the injury is a mental one, too. We found ourselves in a very frightening and stressful situation and I hope that the commanders who were there will stand trial."
17 Youths Charged Over Havat Gilad Protest
Just one day after they blocked the entrance to Jerusalem, 17 youths have already been charged. Police want them distanced from capital.
One day after they blocked the road into Jerusalem in protest over police use of pneumatic guns in the eviction from Havat Gilad, 17 youths have been charged with various offenses. The charges include disorderly conduct, assaulting police officers, and causing intentional damage to police cars. 
The police have asked the court to issue orders distancing the youths from Jerusalem. 
Eight other protesters who were arrested Monday were released to their homes - some by the courts, and others by police - after being ordered to stay away from Jerusalem.
The demonstrations and confrontations began Monday morning after large army and police forces arrived at Havat Gilad in Samaria and destroyed three structures. They used violence against Jews and even fired plastic bullets from pneumatic guns at short distances.  
Seven female protesters who were arrested last night near the home of Deputy State Attorney Shai Nitzan were also distanced from Jerusalem by a court order. 
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