The latest Latma satire video takes on none other than the far-left organization Peace Now.

The video shows “Yariv Googleheimer”, a take on Peace Now chairman Yariv Oppenheimer, describing what his organization does to make sure that no new Jewish homes are built in Judea and Samaria.

Showing with pride some of the areas in which his organization has managed to halt Jewish construction, “Googleheimer” speaks proudly about seeing the hills “so bare, without a single hut or building.”

“Googleheimer” also mentions some of the methods Peace Now uses to make sure that Jews avoid farming any land, which include hiring an Arab to drive a tractor in the area and stirring up trouble by bringing in the army and the media and eventually causing a fence to be built on the property. “So while we didn’t remove the settlement, at least they can’t grow anything. Look…nothing,” he exclaims excitedly.

While “Googleheimer” is sometimes concerned that certain communities will be rebuilt, he has faith that through the use of bulldozers and turning to the Supreme Court, he will be able to overcome any such challenge.