Travel is getting expensive for Israelis at h
Travel is getting expensive for Israelis at h Israel news photo: Flash 90

Commuters got hit in the wallet on Sunday no matter how they traveled to work and school, be it by private vehicle or as a conscientious public transportation rider.

Prices rose at the pump on Sunday as the cost of a liter of 95 octane gasoline jumped by 6.41 percent.

A liter of gas for drivers who pump their own on the self-serve side are now paying 43 agorot more, for a total of NIS 7.14 per liter. There was no increase on the sales tax, which will stand at about 13 agorot per liter for the time being.

In Eilat, where there is no sales tax, the price of a liter of unleaded 95 octane gasoline is now NIS 6.17 per liter, an increase of 6.38 percent – 37 agorot per liter -- over last month.

Bus Lines Also Hike Prices
In Tel Aviv and Gush Dan, where the Dan company buses preside, urban bus rides will also cost more: travelers now must pay NIS 6 instead of NIS 5.80 for a one-way ride.

In Jerusalem and Haifa, cities where the Egged bus company serves consumers, city travel has also risen by 20 agorot, from NIS 6.20 to NIS 6.40. In Be'er Sheva, where Metropolitan is the primary urban bus company, the price of a ride rose from NIS 4.0 to NIS 4.10.

A monthly commuter bus pass (“chofshi chodeshi”) in Jerusalem and Haifa now costs NIS 252 instead of NIS 244. In cities located in the Gush Dan district, the price of a monthly bus pass rose from NIS 215 to NIS 222, also effective Sunday.