Rabbi Shlomo Amar
Rabbi Shlomo Amar Israel news photo: Flash 90

Chief Sephardi Rabbi Shlomo Amar told the family of brain-dead soccer icon Avi Cohen it can donate his organs to save lives before disconnecting life-support systems.

The family of Cohen, who was critically injured in an accident while riding his motorcycle last week, consulted with Rabbi Amar after a Health Ministry health committee confirmed on Tuesday that Cohen was brain-dead.

“There is no choice other than to say that he has passed away," said the former soccer star’s son Tamir. “This is the situation, and we thank all of the People of Israel for their help. I ask everyone to give us a bit of peace and quiet as we try to absorb what happened.”

Cohen, 54, played in Israel and also was the first Israeli to play for an English soccer team, having helped Liverpool retains its title as national champions in 1979.