Beit El
Beit El Israel news photo


A deranged Arab youth was dispatched by his family towards Beit El - hoping he would be shot as a suspected terrorist by the IDF. 

The residents of Beit El were ordered to remain in their houses last night after an infiltration was detected. Two hours later, it turned out the ‘terrorist’ was sent purposely by his family who thus wished to be rid of him. The armed man who accompanied him was not found.

The incident began shortly after midnight when Beit El’s around-the-clock security office was alerted to an infiltration via the security fence in the northern neighborhoods. A beeper message went out to the town’s residents, informing them of what of the suspected presence of one or more terrorists and instructing them to lock their doors and remain inside.

Within a short time, the security forces found and arrested an Arab who appeared to be “confused.” He was not armed, but said that he was with another man who was – and the residents were advised to continue to remain in their homes until the second terrorist was found.

Following further investigation, it was ascertained that the arrested infiltrator was actually mentally unbalanced, and that the armed man who accompanied him was a representative of the family of the “infiltrator.”  The family thus sought to dispatch its unhealthy relative to Beit El in the hope that he would be shot by IDF soldiers.

Beit El is located just south of Dura Al-Kara and west of Bitin. It has been the target of rock attacks several times from outside, but infiltrators managed only twice to attack within Beit El itself: On Shavuot ten years ago, a terrorist stabbed the town's security officer in the shoulder - the terrorist was killed shortly afterwards - and on another occasion, Arabs chased away a mother and children and proceeded to burn prayerbooks and destroy a makeshift synagogue on the site that later became the Pisgat Yaakov neighborhood.