Palestine according to official PA television
Palestine according to official PA television Israel news photo: PMW screenshot

Palestinian Authority incitement continues as Israel and the PA begin talks. Fatah TV, controlled by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, says Haifa and other Israeli cities are part of "Palestine," and a Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) envoy expresses hope for the ”eradication” of Israel.

Palestinian Authority television continues to educate children that all of Israel is “Palestine,” according to program translations provided by the Palestinian Media Watch.

A repeating message on the children's show The Best Home, which was broadcast three times a week during the month of Ramadan, was that all Israeli cities are "occupied" Palestinian cities.  

The PA TV host refers to cities in Israel alternately as "1948 occupied cities," "occupied cities" or "occupied territories." The Israeli cities described as Palestinian cities include Haifa, Yafo (Jaffa), Akko (Acre), all of which are located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and Lod and Ramle, located near Ben Gurion Airport.

On one program, a PA TV host tells a girl, "You live in Jerusalem. Do you visit the 1948 occupied cities (Israeli cities)?"

After she replies, "I've been to Hevron,” the host continues, "No, Hebron is a city [in the Palestinian Authority] that we all can enter. The occupied cities - such as Lod, Ramle, Haifa, Jaffa, Acre—have you visited them?"

The girl says, "I've been to Haifa and Jaffa,” and the host then tells viewers, "We hope all children of Palestine will be able to go to the occupied territories, which we don't know and have never been able to see. Personally, I have never been there."

Meanwhile, the PLO envoy to Iran, Salah Zawawi, has told the official Iranian news agency IRNA that Muslim solidarity can lead to the “complete eradication of the fabricated regime” of Israel.  

He also declared that the relentless struggle with the Zionist occupiers will continue until liberation of Holy “Quds,” the Arabic term for Jerusalem. "No language but the language of resistance is the way of confronting it (Israel) and liberating our lands and sanctities from its hands," he added.

Zawawi spoke on the eve of the talks in Washington two weeks ago between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. The PLO is the parent body of the PA.

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