Jewish Marchers (illustrative)
Jewish Marchers (illustrative) Arutz Sheva

Tuesday evening, police arrested 40 Jewish girls attempting to march into Jericho. The girls were taken to the police station in Maaleh Adumin. Some of the arrested said the police used tear gas against them. The marchers told Arutz Sheva that they would continue their struggle for the Land of Israel.

The 'Hebrew Cities March', which began on Monday, aimed at marching to the historically Jewish cities of Shechem and Jericho, abandoned by the IDF in recent years. Dozens of marchers have been arrested over the course of the week at various stages of the march.

One of the marchers, a teen-aged girl who spoke to Arutz-Sheva from a closed military vehicle without air conditioning, said that the arrest was carried out while she and the other participants were marching on Israeli territory, without a warrant and without warning.

"Suddenly, the soldiers attacked us, threw us on the floor and started beating us, dragged us into a hot army jeep. Some of the girls received burns from contact with the jeep," said the girl, who was in the jeep along with seven of her friends.

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