Combat near Gaza (file)
Combat near Gaza (file) IDF website

Israel Air Force helicopter gunships and IDF artillery stymied an attempt by Gaza-based terrorists to infiltrate into Israel on Thursday under cover of the heavy haze conditions. A military source said that three terrorists tried to enter Israel through the security fence but were identified by IDF spotters.

IDF radio reported that an explosion was heard that alerted the soldiers to an infiltration attempt. They said that a serious terror attack had been planned and thwarted, and the army expects more attempts at terror as the approaching flotilla of ships gives terrorists a feeling of encouragement and support  .

The incident occurred near Kibbutz Nahal Oz. The IDF source did not say whether the terrorists were hurt – possibly because the IDF was not sure if they had indeed been hit or just forced to turn back.

Arab sources quoted in Arab news media, however, said that that six people were hurt by IAF helicopter fire near the security fence at Nahal Oz.

Terrorists fired a mortar shell Thursday evening that exploded in an open space within the Shaar HaNegev local authority's area of jurisdiction. No one was reported hurt and no damage was caused. Four rockets were fired at communities in southern Israel Wednesday. They all fell in uninhabited areas.

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