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Palestinian Authority Arabs are increasingly rejecting the two-state solution, leaning instead towards turning Israel into a bi-national state governed jointly by Arabs and Jews.

Support for the one-state solution in the PA is now higher than it has ever been, according to a poll released on Wednesday by the PA-based Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre. Nearly 1,200 adults throughout the Palestinian Authority, including Gaza, were interviewed for the poll on April 10-15.

Nearly 34% of respondents favor a bi-national state in place of Israel, while nearly 44% favor the two-state solution - a pre-1967-size Israel alongside a 23rd Arab state, in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Just ten months ago, only 20.6% said they favor a bi-national state, compared with over 55% for the two-state proposal. The gap between the two choices has thus dropped by 25 percentage points, from 35% to 10%.

In answer to another question, 30% of the PA respondents said they support armed struggle as the best option in the current Israeli-PA conflict.  Only 43.7% support peaceful negotiations.

Fatah Leading Over Hamas

The poll found that Fatah enjoys nearly 40% support, compared to only 14.4% for Hamas. Surprisingly, support for Fatah was higher in Gaza than in other areas of the Palestinian Authority. Nearly 30% say they would not vote in the next PA elections, however.