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A cellphoneIsrael news file
Israeli computer and telecommunications giant Comverse has unveiled a multi-sensual feature for cellphones.

Presented on February 16 at 2010 Mobile World Congress, Comverse's new feature will enable callers to send smells. Comverse hopes to convince mobile operators to purchase the application, which will absorb and transmit the scent of the caller's environment or cologne to the person he or she is calling, according to Globes online business magazine. The scent may also be used as identification of the caller.  

For now, the feature is being tested on a Nokia device.

Additional socially-oriented software will enable phones to recognize people by pointing the phone at them, and will then gather information from the internet about them and present it to the phone's owner.

Location-Aware Messaging, another new application, will enable mobile users to pinpoint on a map the exact location of someone who calls, texts, or leaves a message.
In the future, Comverse will enable users to replace advertising models with their own photos, so they can share the personalized commercials with friends.  This will be a novel way to interact, and a sure-fire way to place ads in front of potential customers.

More innovations include the ability to send an SMS or voice message to a person's social networking page, and remote fleet or home security management.

Comverse is the world's leading provider of multimedia communications and telecommunications systems and softwares, according to tech website TMCnet.com.