Nature Mill composter
Nature Mill composter Nature Mill

For the first time in Israel, a trash compactor which will easily produce organic compost from kitchen garbage without accompanying smells will be available as a kitchen appliance. 

Imported by Israeli agricultural company Agrolan, the device will utilize leftover food and other biodegradable house garbage to make garden fertilizer.  A model will be on display at the nation's largest agricultural exhibition at the Central and Northern Arava Research and Development Center January 27-28, 2010.

While environmental movements have increased their appeals to private citizens, asking them to take steps to dispose of garbage in more environmentally-friendly ways, this will be the first "green" waste-disposal device which will be part of the kitchen. 

Yehuda Glickman, CEO of Agrolan, says the new device makes composting easier than ever before, whether a user resides in a 5th floor apartment or on a large plot of land.  According to Glickman, the composter works all day, every day to create up to 55 kilograms (121 pounds) of compost a month.

The composter creates the ideal temperature for compost-making, as well as mixing, ventilation, and humidity.  It also neutralizes odors, worms, and bacteria.  To top it off, the machine has a high thermal insulation, and uses little in the way of electricity.

It takes two weeks for a load of garbage to go through the composting process.

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