Police at Peace House expulsion in 2008
Police at Peace House expulsion in 2008 Israel news photo: Flash 90

Police last year accused Jews of wounding them with acid in the sudden expulsion of Peace House residents in Hevron, but no charges have been filed and no evidence has been displayed. Nationalists denied the charges at the time, but the police insisted their forces suffered wounds from acid.

A police spokesman admitted to the Jerusalem Post Tuesday that after the expulsion, police did not investigate the reports of a police medic and officer that they suffered acid burns from Jews who threw the alleged substance at them.

The charges were communicated to the media, who headlined the alleged attack after Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the police to carry out the expulsion. The residents had been told that no action would be taken while discussions were going on to reach a peaceful solution to their right to live in the building, which was paid for in cash by an American Jew.

The former Hevron owner of the property, after being threatened with death, said that he had not received the money and that the video of the purchase was faked. The courts decided the building may be owned by Jews but nevertheless ordered them to leave.

Police frequently accuse Jews of crimes that often are not followed up by indictments and usually charge Jews with assault when police carry out expulsions, often violent.

Arutz 7 journalist Chezki Ezra has sued a Border Police spokesman for spreading false information during a Jewish demonstration at Rachel’s Tomb last year. A policeman hit Ezra’s camera and struck him in the face after he noticed the journalist photographing him striking a demonstrator.

The policeman refused to identify himself to Ezra and then took the journalist into custody for allegedly participating in the protest.

Susie Dym, a spokeswoman for the nationalist organization Mattot Arim (Group of Cities) told the Post that nationalists “have not committed one-thousandth of the [crimes] of which they have been accused.”

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