Judge Theodore Ohr, Chairman of the Committee Investigating the Arab Riots of last year, has ordered the police to begin an immediate investigation into the severe disturbance that occurred during yesterday\'s session. One Arab slapped a testifying policeman in the face, others destroyed equipment, and the committee members were forced to escape for fear of beating beaten up. Public Security Minister Uzi Landau joined those who said that policemen should not give further testimony about the Israeli-Arab riots until their safety can be assured. Police Commissioner Shlomo Aharonishki says that he may send reinforcements to accompany policemen in future sessions. He said today that the police are reviewing photographs of yesterday\'s violence, and \"will bring the guilty to justice.\"

In a related incident yesterday, Arab MK Abdel Malek Dahamshe caused a major disturbance during the Knesset Education Committee session on the Waqf desecration of the Temple Mount. Dahamshe, not a committee member, interrupted the session several times in protest over the statement that the Temple Mount is holy to the Jews. Finally, Chairman Zevulun Orlev (NRP) ordered the ushers to remove him from the room. Dahamshe raucously refused to leave, and only after Orlev said that he could return a few minutes later did he agree to go.