Yad Yair outpost - now a trash dump
Yad Yair outpost - now a trash dump Israel news photo

The site of the destroyed Yad Yair outpost, located near the town of Dolev in Samaria, has become a dumping ground for local Arabs who have turned it into a garbage pit.

Former residents of the budding community, which was evacuated more than a year ago, returned to the site Wednesday and were shocked to discover that it was filled with garbage and other trash dumped there by Arabs who live in the region.

Outraged members of the community told Arutz Sheva's Hebrew news service, "We were stunned to find piles of garbage dumped there by Arabs, many piles of construction debris. The synagogue had been leveled, there were at least 50 mounds of trash, perhaps even more. It was a sad site -- it's painful to think about."

Meir Goldmintz, one of the residents who was evacuated, added, "This is private land purchased with Western funds. It is unthinkable that someone could transform a person's private land into a trash dump. The place was declared a closed military area when we lived there," he noted.

"From this time on, the army must guard this site and keep it from being harmed," Goldmintz declared. "It is the responsibility of the IDF. We bought the land and if the army declares it a closed military area, it was the IDF's duty to see to it that our land was not harmed," as a legal custodium of absentee property.

According to Arutz Sheva, the IDF responded that the area is under its control, but is technically under the legal jurisdiction of the Civil Administration. The Civil Administration was not available for comment.