Muslim swimmer with 'burkini'
Muslim swimmer with 'burkini' Israel news photo: Free Republic

Europe continues to move to Islamic Sharia rule: Several British swimming pools require non-Muslims to dress like Muslims to avoid offending them, even though the sessions are held separately for men and women.

Several British councils have begun Muslim-only swimming sessions that ban anyone who does not wear the “burkini,” a head-to-toe outfit. Officials explained the edict is to prevent Muslims from being offended.

Male swimmers also must be covered from the navel to the knees, the London Daily Telegraph reported.

British Labor party Member of Parliament Ian Cawsey protested, “"I don't think that in a local authority pool I should have to wear a particular type of clothes for the benefit of someone else. That's not integration or cohesion."

One social work center director told the newspaper, "Non-Muslims see these extremist demands as an example of Muslims wanting things to fit into their lifestyle, when there aren't similar things organized for Hindus, Buddhists or Jews. It also puts moderate Muslims in an awkward position as it suggests, wrongly, that they are not devout enough, simply because they choose not to cover themselves in a shroud in a pool."

Muslim religious laws have made inroads into other sectors of society as well. Telegraph columnist James Delingpole wrote this week that demands for religious coercion on non-Muslims include “Muslim supermarket workers trying to dictate the terms of their employment (refusing to sell alcohol), to the ongoing campaign…for certain civil decisions in the Muslim ‘community’ to be made under Shariah law.”

One British dentist has refused to treat his female Muslim patients who do not cover their heads. The country’s dental council warned him he may be dismissed or he may be taken off the professional roster if he considers himself “a Muslim first and a dentist second.”

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