Givat Assaf
Givat Assaf Michael Yakobson

The village council of Givat Assaf, a community near Beit El north of Jerusalem, believes the community may be next on the government’s demolition list following U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo and the stepped-up “outpost” demolition campaign in the last few days.

The council issued an appeal to the general public to come to the community and prevent the next demolition.

Entrance to Givat Assaf. Photo: Michael Yacobson

“The sword of eviction is on Givat Assaf’s neck, with immediate effect,” an advertisement put out by the community says. “You, he, she and all of us together can prevent the decree from being carried out.”

The council explains that by coming out in large numbers on previous occasions, activists prevented several demolition attempts.

“The sword of eviction has recently been raised over 26 young communities (‘outposts’) in Judea and Samaria, which are populated by 1,500 residents” the advertisement says. “The government, under American pressure, is trying to blind our eyes to what it is doing, and convince us that this has something to do with the rule of law or solving the Iranian threat.”

The real struggle here, the council says, is over Beit El, Ofra, Pesagot and the entire settlement movement. “Obama and Ehud Barak have the same intention: to erase the settlement enterprise, which spearheads the idea of the Jewish State, and to create two states – one Palestinian, and one belonging to ‘all of its citizens.’”

“This is our true test," the young community’s appeal says. “If we are resolute now, we will not have to fight over the entire settlement movement. But if not…”

There are over 20 families in Givat Assaf, which also has a synagogue, mikveh, kindergarten and playground.