Jews all over the world will be eating matzahs on the 8-day Passover holiday, but few have ever seen the machines in action that make them.

Israel National News takes viewers on a tour of the Matzot Yerushalayim factory in the Atarot Industrial Park in northern Jerusalem.

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The first part of the video shows a private group (chavura) that rented out the factory to do a "matzah run." Typically, private groups come during the "off hours" such as early morning, and they first spend an hour meticulously cleaning all the equipment of any traces of dough that might be left over from the previous batch. Then they spend 45 minutes baking and packaging the matzahs.

If there are leftover matzahs from the private chavura, they will be marked and sold as chavura line matzahs. Such matzahs are considered to be on a higher kosher standard since extra effort was exerted in cleaning the machinery and more care was given to the details of Jewish law regarding the baking of matzahs.

A rabbinic supervisor well-versed in all aspects of the Jewish laws that govern matzah-baking is on the premises when any baking is done.

In the middle of the video, the virtual tour flashes over to the fully-automated line in the factory which is run exclusively by the factory workers.