Medics rescue victim of rocket attack
Medics rescue victim of rocket attack Israel News Photo-Flash 90

Netivot Sabbath worshippers are considering their prayers to have been worthy Saturday morning after a Hamas rocket exploded at a synagogue after worshipers had completed prayers and left the building. The Gaza Belt town is located approximately five miles from Sderot.

No one was physically wounded, but two people suffered shock, and the building sustained extensive damage.

One rocket slammed into a house in Ashdod Saturday night, causing heavy damage but no physical injuries were reported. Several people suffered shock, and the explosion hit a high tension wire, causing a blackout in part of the city.

Six people were wounded in two other rocket attacks on Saturday. Two were wounded when a rocket hit a home in Ashdod shortly before 3 p.m. One man suffered moderate wounds in the attack and a second was lightly injured.

A short time earlier, two rockets hit the city of Kiryat Gat. Three people were lightly injured in one of the explosions. The second rocket landed in an open area and did not cause injuries, but several people suffered shock.

Ten rockets hit Israel during the Sabbath, five of them in the Be'er Sheva area. All of them landed in open areas, two of them inside the city limits. One of them hit near a rehabilitation facility.

Other rockets struck in the Eshkol region, bordering the Gaza region.

On Friday, 23 rockets and mortar shells hit Israel as Hamas tries to inflict casualties on Israel and force it into meeting its conditions for a ceasefire.

One rocket severely injured a seven-year-old boy in a Be'er Sheva neighborhood on Thursday. His mother, a nurse at Soroka Medical Center, suffered light to moderate wounds. The child, Orel Elazarov (Orel ben Angela) remains in critical condition.