In an unprecedented radio event, a chapter of Tehillim (Psalms) was read aloud during prime-time on IDF Army Radio, on behalf of the war effort.

The broadcasters were Kobi Arieli and Avri Gilad, who represent the religious-nationalist and left-secular viewpoints, respectively, on the humourous/political "The Last Word" show. 

Arieli introduced the segment by saying that he had received countless SMS messages since last night asking him to recite Psalm 20 on behalf of the ground troops entering Gaza.  Gilad then said that he, too, had received one this morning.  They then agreed, tongue in cheek, that "in order to stop this flood of SMS messages," they would read aloud the Psalm on air.

Arieli then dedicated the next moments to the soldiers in Gaza, and recited: "May the L-rd hear thee in the day of trouble, may the Name of the G-d of Jacob strengthen thee out of Zion... Some trust in chariots, and some in horses - but we will call out in the Name of G-d.  They fall, but we are arisen and stand upright.  Save L-rd, O King, Who hears on the day that we call."

The broadcasters acknowledged that the listening audience "probably contains many people right now who are rubbing their ears in disbelief, some who can't believe that we actually did this, and others who can't understand why we would actually do this..."